It’s all a priceless pride for Anchurón to belong to the Spanish Association of Oenotourism. Different experience packs are traded (from 19,90 euros) with main providers, consisting of guided tour with winemaking description, wine tasting and the traditional tapas from Granada, as well as – depending on the pack booked – initiation to tasting and detail from the winery.

Group visits also can come up to 55 guests with menu offered by the official catering of Anchurón: Villa de Gor. These groups, either groups of friends, either business meetings, associations or incentives to workers, find their bookings in advance to block the day and enjoy an experience among the different cultivations present. If the group wants to hike to the vineyards, they will go through open land for cereals, olive trees, almond trees, even through the water stream side, poplars, walnut trees and esparto land. It is very much advisable to bring hinking footwear, the end of the journey is in the vineyards with sightseeing to Sierra Nevada in its North face, the Baza mountains and the nearer Sierra de Huétor.

Other activities, like patronages, sponsorships or guided tastings are part of the constant movement in new actions where go on in contact with Anchurón wines.

You have now available our Oenotourism 2021 catalogue and you’ll find all we can offer you. If you want to book directly, in the Wine Tourism section of the store you can find your options.