The moment of inflection, step from viticulture to viniculture, happens when grapes get harvested. By prior ripening control, the optimal day shows previously in the evolutionary graphics for this optimal time to pick the bunches. Only appropriate harvest, manual and during the fresh hours in the morning, pass to become the raw cornerstone which afterwards will transform to be Anchurón wines.

The speciality of tranquil wines characterises this winery. White wines, reds (with varieties consisting of harvest wines, oak, crianza, reserva and soon gran reserva) and other delicacies such as rosé or sweet wine complete the production around six hectares of vineyards, that began to be planted last century.

Last breakthroughs in viniculture used like fresh system for the wine tanks, inert gases in hermethic cavities, extreme cold stabilisation (never reaching the freezing point), and all a line-up of technification let us offer the more excellent wines. The methods applied manage to keep the fermented grape juice pure so that the most exquisite palates are delighted with a high range of wines.

It is well-known the only foodstuff with all a complete science devoted only to it is the wine with the Oenology. The supporting team for Anchurón extends throughout the Iberian peninsula, and also the owned lab with the analysis items every winery must have. Along the professionals introducing their labour in the wines extend throughout agronomy, chemistry, pharmacy, food technology and – of course – oenology.

You can now download the new 2020 harvest report (in Spanish) from Anchurón.